Moments of Healing – Infant Baptism in the hospital

Fr. Stefan Starzynski talks about baptizing and confirming children (even newborns) in the hospital. The Sacrament of Baptism is another powerful means of healing, not just spiritually but sometimes physically. When infants are very sick and in danger of dying, many Catholic parents ask Father to baptize their children in the hospital if there is a chance that it can’t be done at their parish. Fr. Stefan has even been there in the delivery room to baptize a baby immediately after birth!! He also asks the parents if they would like their child to receive the second Sacrament of Initiation – Confirmation – so the child has both indelible marks upon his/her soul when meeting Jesus.

Moments of Healing – Confession in the hospital

Fr. Stefan Starzynski talks about the Sacrament of Confession, especially as it pertains to patients in the hospital. When people are sick and in the hospital, they often find themselves evaluating their lives and needing the healing power of confession and forgiveness. The lesson to learn from this talk is that we shouldn’t wait until we are in the hospital to receive God’s mercy through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but rather try to receive this sacrament on a regular basis throughout our lives.

Moments of Healing – Chaplain visit in the hospital

Fr. Stefan Starzynski explains the changes in hospital procedures regarding a chaplain’s visit to a sick patient. In this current environment, the patient (or family members) must specifically request that the chaplain comes to visit them. If a family member is asking, they need to have an understanding that the PATIENT wants the chaplain there as well. At Inova Fairfax Hospital, the request can be a simple as asking a nurse to call the chaplain.

Moments of Healing – Healthcare Workers & the Hospital Chaplaincy

Fr. Stefan Starzynski talks about the faith of health care workers and his role as chaplain in the hospital. During this difficult time of the Covid crisis, faith is needed more than ever, and Father is seen as an essential part of their community.


Moments of Healing – Redemptive Suffering & the Silent Army

Fr. Stefan Starzynski talks about Redemptive Suffering and how we can all “offer up” our pain and suffering for the good of ourselves, the Church and the world. Our Lord and many saints have shown us how our suffering, united to the Cross of Christ, is the key that will open the doors of Heaven for us. By making these sacrifices (big or small), we can all join God’s Silent Army of the Suffering.


Moments of Healing – Anointing of the Sick in the hospital

Fr. Stefan Starzynski talks about how Covid-19 has changed the way he administers the sacraments at Inova Fairfax Hospital. He also gives advice on how people should approach Anointing of the Sick, and how to receive it if they know in advance that they’ll be going to the hospital.